Any savings account, access facility, term deposit, loan or other service you acquire from us is subject to our terms and conditions for that service.

We will provide our terms and conditions at the time of providing a service and you should always read them before opening an account, applying to use a facility or applying for a loan.

The terms and conditions set out your rights and obligations. It is important that you understand these rights and obligations.

Terms and conditions for loans will be supplied when you apply for a loan, or you can request a copy from a lender in your local branch.

The terms and conditions for Accounts and Access Facilities are available;

  • by clicking on the link on this page, or
  • by clicking on "Account Terms & Conditions" in the menu at the footer of each web page, or
  • by requesting a copy from your local branch.


 Click here to review the terms and conditions for Accounts and Access Facilities.