Our constitution allows us to accept and approve membership for natural persons and bodies corporate. Each approved member is required to subscribe to become a shareholder. Members who already hold a share may open additional memberships without being required to take out additional shares

Members may open accounts in a single name, joint names, as a partnership account, trust account, or body corporate account.

Each account owner and each signatory to the account must be identified before the account is opened. You will be required to provide documents that verify your name, date-of-birth and address. Common verification documents include birth certificate, passport, driver's licence and medicare card. If the account owner is a business we will also request documents to verify the business owners name. Staff at your local branch will be pleased to advise you on what is required.

We will ask for your Tax File Number when you open an account. You are not required to give it. However, by law, your failure to give your Tax File Number means that we must withhold a percentage of any interest you earn on the account - at present the government have set the Witholding Tax at 49%.


An application is required to be completed and signed for each new membership and for most accounts or services you may request for that membership. We reserve the right to refuse to approve an application.