A Target Market Determination or TMD is an informative document that defines a product and provides clarity around how the product is offered, who can offer it, and who it is most suitable for in terms of needs and financial position.

TMDs are made available in order for us to ensure complete transparency in how we distribute and develop our products, and to be sure we do so in the best interest of our members and customers. They are a requirement under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019.


Product TMDs

Accounts and Savings products

pdf GMCU TMD Savings Accounts

pdf GMCU TMD My Everyday Account

pdf GMCU TMD My Freedom Account

pdf GMCU TMD My Connect Account

pdf GMCU TMD My Offset Account

pdf GMCU TMD TD Investment Account

pdf GMCU TMD visa debit

Loan Products

pdf GMCU TMD Personal Lending

pdf GMCU TMD Home Loan Owner Occupied

pdf GMCU TMD Home Loan Investment