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We encourage our members to contact GMCU promptly if they are ever in financial difficulty.  

There are a variety of ways in which GMCU can help, from managing budgeting and repayments through to arrangements to reduce, defer or restructure loan repayments for a period of time.

We can work with our business borrowers affected by the current COVID-19 environment to defer repayments for up to six months.  We can also support eligible businesses to access loans of up to three years’ duration with a temporary deferral of repayments to support business cashflow, as per the government guaranteed loan scheme. 

For home loan borrowers who have been affected by COVID-19, we can defer repayments for up to three months, with further review and potential deferral or other support when that three month term is complete.

Our team is here to help as our community works together through these unprecedented times.

pdf Click here for our Financial Hardship Guide and contact details.