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Scammers are sending text messages that pretend to be from known organisations such as banks or delivery companies. It is important that you never click any unsolicited link you receive in a message, even if it does resemble an official source.


Across Australia, there have been widespread reports of people receiving suspicious text messages prompting them to click a link. The messages will often claim to be tracking a package delivery, or receiving a voice mail message.

These messages will be from unusual numbers, and will generally contain spelling errors and suspicious links. The scammers are using these methods to lure victims into clicking the link so that malicious software can be installed on their devices, or personal information can be stolen. This method has been attributed to a text message format called ‘flubot’.

If you receive a text message that fits this description, do not click the link and delete the message immediately. Targets may receive several text messages with different links or pretending to be from different oganisations, and they should all be treated the same.


An example of how a scam message may appear.


For ongoing updates, or to find out what to do if you have clicked a suspicious link, please visit the ACCC’s Scamwatch page here:

Missed delivery, call or voicemail (Flubot) scams | Scamwatch


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