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Christmas Club Accounts (S4)

Christmas Club Accouint (S4) is a great way to spread your christmas savings over the whole year.

Interest is calculated on daily balance and is credited to the account on the 15th of November each year. These funds are then transferred to your S1, S8, S3 or S2 Account, and you can withdraw the funds from that account at any time. Deposits are accepted for any amount, and can be deposited as frequently as you wish.

iSave Account (S5)

iSave Account (S5) is a special savings account for electronic use.

Funds can be deposited by internet and phone transfer, payroll allocation or direct credit.

You will need to nominate an eligible account (this is a GMCU S1, S8, S3 or S2 Account in the same name as the iSave), and withdrawals can only be made by Internet or Telephone transfer to your eligible account.

Funds are at call and interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

Bonus Saver Account (S10)

Bonus Saver Account (S10) is a savings account for those dedicated to a regular saving plan. Funds in your S10 account will earn a bonus rate in a month where you make no withdrawals and deposit at least $20.

Interest is calculated on a daily balance and credited to the account monthly, or when the account is closed.

Please refer to our interest rate sheet for more information on savings rates.

Cash Management Account (S15)

Cash Management Account (S15) is a savings account with higher returns for higher balance accounts. The minimum deposit is $10,000 for this "at call" account.

Interest rates are tiered depending on balance of account and are available at all Credit Union branches.

Interest is calculated daily and credited to accounts monthly.

A minimum withdrawal amount of $500 applies to the Cash Management Account.

Relevant government charges apply and please refer to our terms and conditions booklet located at any of our branches for further information.

Mortgage Offset Account (S7)

Mortgage Offset Account uses your savings balance to reduce the interest charged to an eligble Home Loan.



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