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We offer a range of card choices for accessing your accounts.


Visa Debit Card

The GMCU VISA Debit Card is a Deposit Access (or Debit) card, not a credit card. That means you draw against the funds in your savings account. Supposing you buy something in Melbourne and pay for it using your GMCU VISA Debit Card, the amount is automatically debited against your Savings account when the entry reaches the Credit Union. It saves you from having to carry large sums of cash.

Your GMCU VISA card can be used to access your Personal Account (S1), Reward Account (S8), 55Plus Account (S3), Business Account (S2) or Community Account (S6).

You can use your GMCU VISA card as follows:

  • at any merchant retailer or service provider displaying the VISA sign in Australia or overseas - shops, restaurants, airlines, hotels, service stations etc. From August 2014 your PIN must be used to complete the purchase in person.
  • to purchase goods or services and/or obtain cash up to a value of $1,000 per day, at any service provider displaying EFTPOS facilities. Those EFTPOS outlets not providing cash usually display a notice to that effect. Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) must be input to purchase goods or services or to obtain cash.
  • to obtain cash up to $1,000 per day from a number of Automated Teller Machines (ATM's) - Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) must be input to obtain access.

All GMCU Visa cardholders are automatically registered for Verified by Visa, a service providing extra protection and security when purchasing from participating online retailers.

For more information on this free service, click here.

All GMCU Visa cardholders can use Visa's free digital wallet service, Visa Checkout. More information about Visa Checkout can be found here: pdf Visa Checkout FAQs

GMCU visa cardholders can use free digital wallet service provided by Google and Apple;

Google Pay Logo                                          ApplePay

Credit Card

Members can apply for an amigo Low Rate Credit Card through your local branch or by completing the form here and sending it to us.

amigo Credit Card has a competitive low rate, and can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted, including tap-and-go Paywave purchases.

Read more about amigo Credit Card here

General Information about your VISA

All cardholders are given a PIN (Personal Identification Number). This PIN should not be recorded on the card or where it can be found, otherwise the cardholder could be held responsible for amounts obtained by fraudulent use if the card is stolen. You may choose to change your PIN at any GMCU rediATM. If you choose a new PIN you must not choose a number which could easily be guessed (e.g. your date of birth, car registration, name or 1111 etc.).

A monthly fee is charged for each card used on an account. Please refer to the Fees and Charges schedule for more information.

Overdraft facilities are available to approved members. An application for an approved limit is necessary in all cases.

You should retain the sales dockets and check them against the relevant entries on your statement. A statement of your accounts can be mailed out to you, and are also available on request. Fees may apply for the provision of additional statements.

If your card is lost or stolen it is necessary to contact the Credit Union immediately and report the loss. If the Credit Union is not open, then ring VISA Card and Redicard HOTLINE on 1800-648-027 (Toll Free Australia wide). It is manned 24 hours every day of the week. If you are overseas, report the loss immediately to the nearest VISA office (for VISAcards) as well as notifying the Credit Union. A replacement card will be issued as quickly as possible.

Your use of the card will be governed by the terms and conditions and you should read them carefully.

The provisions of the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice apply to this facility.

Transactions initiated by your VISA Debit Card or rediCard may be subject to fees - please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Merchants and other institutions who accept payment by VISA Debit Card or rediCard may impose additional restrictions on the use of the card.

The Goulburn Murray Credit Union reserves the right to cancel a VISA Debit Card or rediCard, if its use is not conducted in accordance to the Conditions of Use of the card.

Regular Payments from your Card Account

A regular payment is where you provide a merchant with your card number and authorise them to regularly charge you. Such payments could include bills (e.g. phone or internet supplier) or insurance premiums.

If you authorise regular payments on your account you must ensure you keep relevant correspondence and details about the payments. The Australian Payments and Clearing Association (APCA) provides FAQ’s, and a template for keeping track of regular payments, on their website.

If your card number changes (e.g. you have moved to GMCU from another financial institution or as a result of a lost card) you will need to let the merchant know your new card number.

We have prepared a template letter here for advising a merchant that your card number has changed. 

Visa Chargeback

Under the scheme rules set by Visa, you may have a chargeback right for a transaction you believe was not authorised.

A chargeback right may apply where your Visa Card number was used to make the transaction, but does not apply for EFTPOS transactions where ‘Cheque’ or ‘Savings’ was selected.

Visa will only accept a chargeback if it is lodged within timeframes set in the scheme rules, so it is important that you notify us immediately you become aware of an unauthorised transaction on your account.


Click here to review the terms and conditions for Access Facilities