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The minimum deposit is $3000, and we terms of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and paid monthly, on the first day of each month, and on maturity. Interest can be paid by either a transfer to a specified account at gmcu, or by a cheque payable to the member or a third party.

Please refer to our interest rate sheet, for more information on relevant terms and rates.


Additions to the principal cannot be accepted during the unexpired term of the deposit, only on renewal.

A certificate confirming deposit details will be issued by mail, following the lodgement of a new deposit, or renewal of a current deposit.

You will receive notification of maturity prior to maturity date, and all you need to do is to complete this form and return it to one of our branches, prior to the deposit maturity date. Where no written instructions are received by maturity date, the deposit will be automatically renewed for the same period at the interest rate applicable at the time of renewal. The interest amount will also be paid in accordance to any previous interest instructions, otherwise transferred to your My Everyday (S1), My Freedom (S3), or My Business (S2) account.

Principal may be withdrawn prior to maturity by competing a request at your branch. Funds withdrawn early will be subject to an interest reduction and will not be available until the next working day.