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My Business Account (S2) is a day-to-day transaction account for businesses. Funds in your S2 account are available at call, subject to clearance of cheques and any outstanding Visa authorisations.

You can access your funds in a number of ways, such as by presentation of a signed withdrawal form, cheque withdrawals, withdrawals via Merchants, ATM or EFTPOS using your VISA card, by Direct Debit or by an authorised Periodical Payment. Some of these facilities require an application to be completed prior to them being available on your S2 account, and may be subject to fees or charges. Please refer to the Fees and Charges section for associated costs.

You may wish to have an overdraft attached to your S2 account. Once again, this facility requires an application, and is subject to some fees and charges. The variable rate of interest is calculated on daily balance and charged at the end of each month.

Interest is calculated on the minimum monthly balance and is credited on March 31 each year or when the account is closed.