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Need to send money overseas?

Did you know that you can send money from your bank account to an overseas bank account via gmcu’s International Payments Service, otherwise known as a “Telegraphic Transfer” or “Wire”.

You can send money to 200 countries and territories in more than 130 currencies.


  • Funds are normally credited within 2-3 business days1
  • No surprise overseas bank fees**
  • Cost-effective; you can potentially save money by sending in the beneficiary’s local currency**

What you need to send money overseas

You will need to provide the full name of your beneficiary and full details of the beneficiary’s bank account, including their ^IBAN (International Bank Account Number) if they are in Europe.

To comply with Australian Government regulations, you must provide the beneficiary’s full street address. Include beneficiary bank’s code (sort code, SWIFT address, or routing number) **