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We encourage you to contact us if you are in financial difficulty.

There are a variety of ways we can help, from managing budgeting and repayments through to arrangements to reduce, defer or restructure loan repayments for a period of time.

For home loan borrowers who have been affected by COVID-19, we can defer repayments for up to three months, with further review and potential deferral or other support when that three month term is complete.

Our team is here to help as our community works together through these unprecedented times.

To support members to access card services, we have temporarily made a number of changes to our transaction fees.

Fee Changes 31 December

Contactless card PIN limits to increase temporarily

The contactless limit on GMCU debit cards has been increased from $100 to $200, to help reduce the need for physical contact with payment terminals and therefore reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

When paying for purchases, the PIN pad prompts will guide you. For transactions up to $200, you will not need to enter a PIN at the terminal.

This is a temporary change, which will initially be in place for a period of 3 months to help ensure the wellbeing of the community, and will be extended if required. This is being progressively rolled out.

Raising the contactless limit is a sensible and practical measure to slow the spread of coronavirus. It will help Australians stay safe and confident when shopping for essentials.

Contactless transactions are highly secure. However consistent with long standing advice, we encourage you to look after your cards like cash to protect against theft.

Australian Government Stimulus Package

In response to the economic impact of the Coronavirus, the Australian Government has announced a number of initiatives to help individuals and businesses at this uncertain time.

Click here for an overview of the initiatives and changes that may help you.

Australian JobKeeper payment; Am I eligible? Is my employer eligible?

The Australian Government has introduced a JobKeeper Payment, which is a wage subsidy paid by the Government to businesses significantly impacted by the Coronavirus. This will enable employers to continue paying their employees, whether they are able to work or not. For more information, click here.